Don’t Silence Your Talent

is a practical guide for HR professionals who want to work collaboratively with deaf employees and harness the talent in their diverse workforce. 


In this book, you will discover:

  • How to build a highly engaged team from an untapped, diverse talent pool
  • How to create an accessible working environment, taking into consideration workspace, equipment and safety
  • How to communicate in a clear and consistent way so that deaf employees don’t miss out on information
  • How to nurture an integrated team whilst recognising the distinct cultural differences between deaf and hearing people
  • The wider benefits of creating a business that embraces deaf awareness as its core


You will discover that by making small changes to your business, it will be repaid tenfold in the performance and loyalty of your deaf employees.

About Victoria

Victoria is the founder of terptree, with a mission to change the world for deaf people by revamping the everyday deaf employee and deaf customer experience provided by the biggest UK and global brands. 


She shares her unique insights into how services can best be provided to deaf people whilst being able to creatively look at cost-effective solutions that can have a huge impact on delivery.


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