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“Both contemporary and thought-provoking in its construction, this is a tremendous aid for anyone who is serious about 21st century communication skills – a wonderful read.”
“This is an engaging, honest and helpful book that everyone should read, especially if you employ staff. Victoria shares her personal story and those of others which brings the reasons why this book is important and needed to live. The advice is straightforward, will make a real difference to your employees and make them feel included and have a sense of belonging."
"I really enjoyed the case study approach. This really enables the reader to be in the shoes of a deaf person. The reference to the London bombings, for me, was particularly poignant. I also thought the example of being left on the platform following a platform alteration also highlighted the importance of awareness."
“Don’t Silence your Talent gives you a great insight into what it really takes to become Deaf Aware as an individual and as an organisation. The case studies really put this into perspective making you think about how you can make adaptions and changes to the way you communicate”
“This is the book I wish had been available a year ago when I was Chief People Officer of a global consulting company struggling to meet the needs of a deaf employee. Victoria combines powerful story-telling with practical advice on how to make businesses more human and more inclusive for employees who are deaf or hard of hearing. (...) The lessons will help leaders, managers and colleagues build a more inclusive workplace for all.”
“It was a really interesting read, and really gave me a lot to think about. The real life examples were really insightful and the tips were extremely helpful in terms of things to do and what to avoid. It is very hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when you don’t have any concept of what their experiences are, but I feel after reading this book I have a much better idea and also appreciation.”
"This book is a real asset for organisations that are focusing on diversity & Inclusion. I learnt a lot about deaf people, understanding their needs and the adjustments that can be made."
" Super insightful! Only half way thru and already picked some great tips. Love the style and approach Inspirational!"
“Fantastic book! That helps Deaf people’s employers! This book is so helpful for employers to understand how to support deaf people in the workplace. I am deaf and plan to give a copy to my Manager!.”
"What an incredible book! This is a must read for anyone who wants their workplace to be more inclusive of the deaf community. It is so helpful and written in sections that make it easy to practically apply tips in the workplace. Couldn’t recommend more! Buy this amazing book, and help contribute to positive change in the world."
"A must-have guide for anyone in HR, L&D, Recruitment and Leadership. Victoria's guide, "Don't Silence Your Talent: Unleash the Value of Your Deaf Employees," is an essential resource for business owners, leaders, HR professionals, recruitment teams, and L&D teams. Additionally, anyone who wants to promote diversity and create a welcoming environment for deaf individuals in the workplace will benefit from this guide. I highly recommend purchasing copies for your team and sharing the book with clients and professional networks. The guide provides simple strategies for opening up businesses to the deaf community, and it will help improve understanding and inclusivity in the workplace."
“Great book, fantastic guide for companies to help them understand the needs of their deaf employees and create an inclusive workplace for them. With even a few little changes, it will make the world of difference for them. I would thoroughly recommend this book.
"This book is a fantastic read! It is very insightful, eye opening and full of useful, practical support to help you and your workplace be inclusive of the Deaf community. I will refer back to this book time and time again and ensure that I share this with my colleagues so they are able to understand the positive changes we can make. If you buy any book this year, buy this one and start your journey to creating a better world for all!"
"I learnt so much about deaf employees…This was such an insightful read. I learnt so much about deaf people, methods of communications and deaf people in society, and then the book related this learning to a workplace setting. A very easy read with so many things that can be implemented to create an inclusive workplace for deaf people. Highly recommend."
"The book is an essential read for employers and also an interesting read also to anyone else. Victoria shares her experience of working with deaf people as well as tips and advice on how making small changes to your business, will show in the work performance of any deaf employee. It’s a really interesting read which I think all HR personnel within a company should have for their reference. Well done Victoria for this very useful guide."
"Interesting reading, makes you really think about what is needed in the workplace. Inciteful and provides positive information and many examples that can be used. A good read."
"So good to read a refreshing insight into the Deaf community. Looking forward to the next, Well done Victoria."
"'Don't silence your talent' is everything you need to engage with, develop and grow your hard of hearing and deaf team members, and it removes the burden of them needing to educate you. The best thing about this book is its practical nature. It's informative and useful, rarely do these things always come together in one book. I'd urge any Manager or Leader to invest time in this book, and do it with a notepad to hand and lots of post-it notes! You will be inspired to do better, to do good and best of all, to know where to start and what happens next. This book should be mandatory reading for all Senior Leadership Teams and for all first time Line Managers. Simply brilliant and much needed."
"A fascinating and eye opening book which is a must read for everyone when considering the needs of their deaf colleagues. The author helps to build a beautiful bridge between the hearing and deaf communities."
"A must read for all professionals with people at the heart of their business, or those looking to educate themselves and improve their ways of working to be more inclusive.."
"Wow what an amazing book. Ideal for anyone working in HR looking for support with employment and overall guidance on helping deaf employees. A real eye opener and a great step in the right direction! Would definitely recommend."

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